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Chase your dreams Deep Fiordland Crystal Brindle Nature

Chase your dreams Deep Fiordland Crystal Brindle Nature


Chase your dreams! - Deep Fiordland - Crystal Brindle

All of this in one tiny section of the Clinton River; a cross-section of Fiordland that I'm honored to experience.

Back at Mintaro, the afternoon and high cloud bring the temperature just above freezing, enough to allow a slight thaw. I enjoy the “Amphitheater of the ...

Colorful kereru fly noisily through the branches and waterfowl can still be heard on the lake. I didn't feel the sun once today but I've watched its light ...

On my way from Mintaro to the river I trudged along under my heavy pack as deliberately as I could noting the tracks of animals in the snow and the way the ...

I pause to look at my surroundings and am struck by the realization of all the river gives. Yesterday it gave me peace and wonder, today it gives me water, ...

The river here is a rich golden-brown, instead of turquoise, and thus mirrors the evening light. The whio glide so near me that I can almost reach them.

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I move along the water's edge as its surface changes from rippled to smooth like liquid glass funneled through a narrow channel.

A bend in the channel suddenly allows a view up-stream and the glimpsed light now reveals itself fully as it dances in mist rising off the water.

r/EarthPorn: EarthPorn is your community of landscape photographers and those who appreciate the natural beauty of our home planet.

r/EarthPorn - A pic my friend told me to post. Maple pass loop in Washington's north cascades.

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I end the day by setting off just before sunset up the dry riverbed of what will become the Clinton River downstream. The river stones are slick with frost ...


In the silence of the frosty hollows it was almost as though I could hear the ice crystals expanding in size.

expressions-of-nature: “Zion National Park by Quentin Dr ”

Not long after being lost in these thoughts, I round the corner at Clinton Forks to see a red deer stag leap across the track with a heroic jump into the ...

Two trout are visible in the water as clear as if they were on the surface. Magic water in dream-like light as far as I can see in either direction.


Large beech trees draped in greenery grow nearly horizontal from either side of the river, framing the snowy heights of the mountains above and overhanging ...

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The light is brilliant on the colossal mountains of the valley and no wind ruffles their reflection in the many glassy streams I cross.

NZ Mountain Film & Book Festival →

Taupiri 3Department of Conservation

A DOC field team at a biodiversity monitoring site in the Molesworth.Department of ConservationA

Homer Pass, north of Te Anau. Stumbled upon when taking a wrong turn.

Amazingly Beautiful

Gouland-1Department of Conservation

The Milford Track, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand - a Landmark photo essay by


Returning home on dusk - by TimDepartment of ConservationLooking down towards Breaksea Sound. 📷: Bridget Railton.Prints in the snow. 📷: Bridget Railton.

Lord of the Rings Scenery

Nous voilà sortis de la forêt de Cascade Creek. Arrivés au fond de la vallée

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The hike to this place was definitely worth it for this view 😍 little me for

Fiordland on a good day can't be beaten 🏔 #bigcountry

Instead I used my vacation as a change to really fall back in love with photography, shooting what I wanted to without an agenda or any pressure.

Amazingly Beautiful

Nous voilà sortis de la forêt de Cascade Creek. Arrivés au fond de la vallée

Rugged Sundown Landscape

Flying back to Glenorchy, after a day of heli-adventures. #purenewzealand #

Here are a few foolproof strategies to make your Iceland dreams more attainable.

Markings for the new network. 📷: Becky O'Sullivan.Rangers Ben and Becky demonstrating how to install a A24.Kereru basking in the evening light.

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The dolphins of Doubtful Sound greeting us early this morning! #dolphin #dolphins #

New Zealand on Instagram: “Mind blowing shot from the Remarkables looking out over Queenstown @south_of_home”

Lilypads and Kangaroos on the Mareeba Wetlands

Even now it's a hazardous process preventing locomotives from overheating and shutting down. The train stops while our duty manager uncouples the carriages ...

aestum:“(by kuhrmarvin)”

Peter Russell working the cliffs (C)Peter RussellDepartment of Conservation

View from Mt Anglem

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Scenic View Of Lake Marian And Mountains Against Sky

A list of bird species observed during the daytime is part of the report.It takes teamwork to measure the diameter of this very large beech tree at Lake ...

The first of many waterfalls we saw on the cruise. * * * #milfordsound

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In the beginning…collecting Pittosporum seed at Waituna. 📷: Toby Jones.

Lake Marian | 🏔 • It was a beautiful hike to do in the Fiordland

Tackling a trail alone can be celebration of strength but also a lesson in vulnerability.

Hunkering down out of the cold wind.

Beautiful nature · Foto

...let me be. 😌#nz #newzealand #yenizelanda #auckland

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Facebook Pages are a deep black hole that unfortunately we are all enslaved to until further notice. Unless you run Facebook ads, your page will be show to ...

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Campsite on Red Rock Creek

A view from the bridge clachan duich Scotland Beinn Fhada.this is the house.with the high washing line.

Large Fur Seal sunning on Maori Beach.

Woke up for ANZAC day on a boat in New Zealand fiordland with so many Aussies

In the case of Yellowstone, it's enough to change the climate of the world for several centuries.

DOC and Auckland Botanic Gardens staff on Great Barrier Island/Aotea.Department of ConservationEmma

Also, if you have a kitchen available, frozen pizzas might be the most cost efficient meal, especially if you split it with one other person or save the ...

4WD track on spine of Roberts Range

Wilderness First Aid Basics: Wilderness Medicine, Preparedness, & Backcountry First Aid Kits


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checking T-rex trailcam - by Peta CareyDepartment of ConservationChecking T-Rex trailcam.Celmisia Lodge in the southerly blastReviewing trailcam footage.

An old survey blaze

Fiordland, New Zealand. 2012. Panasonic GF1.

AT BERNHARDSDORP I imagined richness and order as an intensity of light. The woman, child, and peccary turned into incandescent points.

Cotton Tree Beach, Australia Photograph by @wandacraswellphotography Beautiful World, Sunset Pics, Sunset

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How not to blow all your money traveling in Iceland | Young Adventuress | Bloglovin'

Snake Heaven

sunsets are relaxing

Instead of cruising the bars and continuously spending money, hang out with friends in your apartment for free.

Make sure you bring your sunglasses when you take a helicopter to Milford Sound. #

Creative Christchurch survives in the “container city”, where pop-up shops and banks do business. Cycleways have helped the revival, but those who live ...

Gouland-1Department of Conservation

Afternoon stroll down Red Rock Creek

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I could have spent a whole day exploring the glaciers of Fiordland National Park. #

Campsite high on the Roberts Range.

The rest of us stay put and enjoy lamb shanks and mashed potato with a glass of Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

captvinvanity: “ Jordan McInally | Little Ol Moon ” Cool Photos, Amazing Nature Photos

You'll also probably get a free tour guide with the deal, so you can't beat that!