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Drain cover pattern pattern design oddities Collage and more

Drain cover pattern pattern design oddities Collage and more


Drain cover pattern. #pattern, #design, #oddities

near and far

manhole madness month concludes plus STAMPS! Craft SuppliesPattern DesignPaper ...

all in the family

Kimonos Kyoto Manhole Cover Tokyo Japan EnZed Design Helen Young

Joy Carpets Retro Bowl Area Rug

image 0 ...

seattle manhole cover art print Vashon Island, Whidbey Island, Seattle Washington, Washington State

Book Cover of Brian Haggard - Blended Embroidery: Combining Old & New Textiles, Ephemera

Hedgehogs of the Sea: Discover Patricia Bown's Beautiful Sea Urchins

Atrium Display: Musicians Make Garments


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Dissecting Nature via Collage with Karin Miller · Fabric PatternsPrint ...

APRIL DESIGN INTERVENTION – Art Underfoot: Manhole Covers

Bowling Alley Carpet Colorful Backgrounds, Retro Waves, Bowling, Arcade, Carnival, Art

An old manhole cover in the Russian city of Kaliningrad.

Book Cover of Christen Brown - Beaded Embroidery Stitching: 125 Stitches to Embellish with Beads

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3D Boxes Pattern by Castilleja Cotton PTN1524 $9.50 each

image 0; image 1 ...

Plain manhole covers are typically used in the street. Brightly colored versions cost more and are reserved for sidewalk use.

Bartlett Design Anthology | UG1 by The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL - issuu

zagreus: “ zagreus: “ there is honestly nothing more gorgeously tacky than bowling alley

Drain cover pattern. #pattern, #design, #oddities. See more. #fabric # collage Button Crafts, Button Art, Mixed Media Collage, Collage Art

This is a framed wall hanging with 9 various shaped antique plaster neoclassical medallions mounted on

Instagram Carousel by L3 Art and Design @ MK College (@l3artatmkcollege) with caption

the most incredible custom collage banner by Kris Hurst!!

Shop Monogram Brass MB601 4in Stainless Steel Shower Drain Strainer - Free Shipping On Orders Over $45 - Overstock - 17137483

Energy Department says it will remove plutonium from Nevada

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Patterned Roof in Kyoto Japan EnZed Design Helen Young

An exit route from the trap

Mike Bara: The Ancient Earth/Mars Connection from Earth Ancients on RadioPublic

ideas for soul collage.... let it flow Collages, Collage Art,


Paid attention to the downwards world today with its contours and curiosities.

And it goes on and on and on. MoreLess

After each student completed the paper map of an area on campus that was easy to “ground truth” to confirm, Practice Map 2 was assigned.

Reader Recommended: Summer Reading, Podcasts & Music for 2019 |

Familiarity with original image content did not improve discrimination performance.

Atrium Display, Visual Harmony: The Interval Rotors of Siemen Terpstra & Interval Diagrams by Yuri Landman

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Design by , Wedge & Lever

Cueing spatial attention has little effect on performance.

Lindsay Winning Gorgeous Graphic Design


Antique Industrial Foundry Patterns for Molds Handmade Wood Set of Six, Group 9 For Sale

Matthew McLaughlin: “PS_Sample” (counterclockwise: 15, 13, 14, 10, 5, 2), monotype with charcoal drawing, 3 x 10 inches, 2018

a screenshot of a cell phone

Branding at the Fagus Factory extends all the way to manhole covers.

Book Cover of Amie Petronis Plumley, Andria Lisle - Sewing School ® Fashion Design:

Download figure ...

Looking for a recipe? We've got you covered.

Creative Mind Berlin


Ars picks the UK's safest Internet provider

TWIN PICS: Visual Ambigrams

Elephant Magazine features Becky Brown's "I want to squeeze you" as Image ...

Amy Genser Black and White Squares #16-25 For Sale

Agrandir ...

Atrium / an Exhibition of Recent Sculptures by Emily Baker and Will Simons

The STAR's of Tomorrow Today

What finally made me gasp and say, “Oh, now I'm a knitter!” was when I learned how to fix lace by trying to figure out what Laura Nelkin was doing with ...

Great Horned-Bullseye Polyptych 5

Workshop participants sit around the table. Drawing by Sadie Edginton.

Atrium Display: Brian Lucas, Gaze Emanations

Thomas Fleming - "Le Carré"

Hess Triangle is one of Strange Places and Oddities in NYC.

snake collage

Stories and Skill Building for Knitters

Marimekko Graphic Black and White Wall Hanging For Sale

Color Red -- All Categories (LPs, CDs, Vinyl Record Albums) -- Dusty Groove is Chicago's Online Record Store

Masana Temples by KikagakuMoyo (Spotify & Deezer)

The Great A.I. AwakeningThe Great A.I. Awakening

Name of finalist: Ashley YK Yeo Country of entry: Singapore Name of work: 'Arbitrary Metrics II' Category: Paper

Download figure ... Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied (0785342704310): Andrei Alexandrescu: Books

I added a raytraced layer with add_shadow , ray_shade , and ambient_shade . This would take a long time to do for every single frame, so I also used the ...

AA Prospectus 2018-19 Undergraduates

A Little Bit of Intuition

Galaxy SOHO / ZHA. Image © Andres Gallardo

The Mathematics of Everyday Life by Alfred S. Posamentier and Christian Spreitzer

The Decade of Steve

2014 15 College Essay Prompts

When I learned how to knit four years ago (while stuck in the dorms during the Portland Snowpocalypse of 2014), YouTube was my best friend.

Gay Old Time: A Queer Cabaret


Working America: Open Enrollment

ON VIEW: August 6th to August 10th. GALLERY PARTY: Wednesday August 8th /// 7pm - 11pm

It's been two months since Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries was released. Here's links to presentations, podcasts and more stuff related to the book.

A 16th-century German woodcut depicting the uselessness of chastity belts. (They can

Pictures, lovely pictures!


Child-friendly urban design - Observations on public space from Eindhoven (NL) and Jerusalem (IL)