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HarmonyUU Chalice from ChaliceArtcom My Style Jewelry

HarmonyUU Chalice from ChaliceArtcom My Style Jewelry


Unitarian Universalist Jewelry - by Chalice Art

Star of David Unitarian Universalist Chalice in Sterling Silver -- Magen David UU Chalice

Flaming Chalice Pewter Pendant Unitarian by RaventreePewter, $15.95 Craft Sale, Wire Wrapped Jewelry,

"Love is the doctrine of this church; the quest for truth is its sacrament, and service is its prayer" Flaming chalice inside a heart Unitarian Universalism

101 Chalices Puzzle |

Unitarian Universalist chalice to color Image courtesy Cindy Landrum

Round UU Flaming Chalice Engraved Wood Necklace

Flaming Chalice Fiber Art

As a Baha'i I love this symbol, it represents my belief that all religions are one!

Alice the chalice- activities for kids related to UU ideas. And also activities to do during the quiet times in church/fellowship.

My first tattoo By Kyle Sajban at Hand of Doom Tattoo in Buffalo NY. Unitarian Universalist hymn #1

Unitarian Universalist principles - nice to have a spiritual practice you can memorize

Flower Pot Chalice - neat UU crafts for kids! :) My Promise My Faith

uu 7 principles poster - Google Search

Variation of the UU Chalice symbol; shaped like a heart. Designed by Donna Monturo

As a teacher, I'll be exposed to children in many different cultures and will need to monitor other students to ensure everyone is safe and at ease.

principles of design

Awesome sign featuring the 7 Principles Prairie Lakes Unitarian Universalist Church in Ripon, WI

Question: What drives some people to step out of the flow of the crowd and walk their own path? I have always created my own path – not to try to make ...

The 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles, children's version My Promise My Faith, Rainbow Promise,

120 Self-Adhesive stickers per pack. Each sticker is approximately 1 inch square.

flaming chalice tattoo - Google Search Humanist Quotes, Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Unity

Im not a Unitarian but this "Coffee Hour Caution" is good for any type of conversation.

Photo credit: dar lcp via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Kill Bill Quotes, Boredom Quotes, Existential Depression, Existentialism Quotes, Philosophical Questions,

The four alchemical elementals (and their symbols). From left to right: sylph (air) salamander (fire) undine (water) gnome (earth) (picture source: Symbole ...

Cotton Wool Bunny Card for Preschool

A friend asks you about Unitarian Universalism. You are wearing a piece of jewelry with

The symbols of the peace sign with different religions of the world represent tolerance between different global faiths, people, and…

Love Gives

People also love these ideas

Spirit Play 7 Promises of Unitarian Universalism

my small black Unitarian Universalist chalice wrist tattoo done at Topnotch in Elgin, Il Flame

Unitarian Universalist Seven Principles Poster

Frederick Douglass, Happy Labor Day, Political Art, Political Memes, Political Issues,

Unitarian Universalist - What People Think Meme