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Sleeping Let me sleep you fck piece of sht Sketch t

Sleeping Let me sleep you fck piece of sht Sketch t


i just want to drown all my thoughts in a long & heavy slumber.

Image titled Power Nap Step 17

Image titled Power Nap Step 2

Week of sleeping cups

High Priestess of the Quantum Poetic Temple found in the space between fate and freewill. She is the nurture beyond nature, the Cartographer of Invisible ...

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Omygod Dean calling out for Cas in his sleep and Cas comforting him I can't I can't I cant

9: She's been conditioned to be a very light sleeper that someone moving past her room wakes her from her sleep. It's only when she's sleeping with someone ...


The Broken Hearted Believer in Humanity. The "Head-down 99% Perspiration Failure is Not An Option Sleep When Your Dead Non-gender Specific Man's Man".

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Viviane`s Journal: As I drift asleep.

mob goes hard for 20 minutes and then falls the fuck asleep immediately

Plants and their ways in South Africa. Botany; Botany. Fig. 296 .

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At around 4am one night last week, I couldn't breathe. I got dressed and paced around my boyfriend's room, trying to free myself from the skin I was in.


The Half-Hermaphroditic-Libertine-Vagabond. Equal parts Chivalrous, Frivolous, Flamboyant and Petulant. Quick to fits of Bliss and Rage fueled and ...

Sleeping dragons Random Things, Random Stuff, Funny Stuff, Cool Stuff, Sleep Pictures

How to Make a Baby Shut the Fuck Up and Go to Sleep

Different dragon species have different preferred sleeping positions based upon the physical traits each species has

i couldn't fall asleep and i can't stop thinking about how matt and pidge are fight side by side but i wanted to see them have downtime to talk about ...

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Some people don't know how to just come correct and be straight up about what they want, so for example, when they want to end your relationship, ...

Hobi can't sleep because of the dark. Yoongi sleeps all the time. Jin wants attention and Namjoon loves to play with kookie



The only thing I can't sleep without is my teacup. #MrsQueenBee Know

Okay, but should you sleep in your contacts?

Now, let's say we clone you. And your clone is an android.

My life for the past week. Nom nom zz zzz zz zzz #eat #

THAT guy

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Waiting For My Rape



The things abusers say and do vary, but there is a commonality you can count

Illusionisten - Tinmandens Klagesange, LP


The internet is full of nonsense 'cures' for cancer. Don't be taken in | Spectator Health


Ooh la la It's 1am and I'm not sleeping If I sleep I will

As you've probably already guessed, Ms. Darroway was Titus's mathematics teacher, and he sat in her classes many long hours every week daydreaming and ...

So somehow midway through my class I got bored so I made Kubernetes-chan for no reason


Covenant House CA @CovenantHouseCa

Now, let's say we clone you. And your clone is an android.


Paramount Pictures/How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

SHIRT :: Pure Beauty

novakone 7:21 AM - 16 May, ...

Yes, the php dev is the same guy of the php thong from my last rant 😂


when we all fall asleep, where do we go? . . . . #

Daily Missouri Republican (Saint Louis, Mo.), 1854-10-23

Sad woman in the rain


(Male, US)

Never no sleep Insomnia Cures, Insomnia Treatment, Anxiety Disorder, Sleepless Night Quotes,


Why Am I Not Supposed To Tell You I'm Trying To Get Pregnant?

Rest Without Completely Sleeping

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck cover art

If I can make you ...


Don't leave me waiting on the other side of the door…on alert in case you burst through it, to avoid injury…wondering if you fell asleep.

Electronica / Downtempo

25 At the cinern Oue.cJon.

How to Date Someone Who's Sober



I was getting a bit overwhelmed by some of the nonsense that goes on in my day to day and I was in dire need of a break from it all.

Kenshi 12:16 PM - 28 February, 2017. I don't ...

How did a white boy with all his teeth fall so low, you ask? Maybe I'm unemployable, maybe I'm delusional. Maybe this, maybe that. I don't deal maybes, ...

He had to leave her behind...knowing she didn't/couldn't fit in to his life. But he thinks about her constantly. He's not the same after leaving her.

"A few details wouldn't hurt"

Congrats, Teen Read Week Winners!

... Marry Me!(YUUKI Miku) Vol.2 Chapter 15: Mother In- ...

I got bored today

... intending to fill them in later with more reflections on foster care once I was ready. And maybe I couldn't bear to write about the horrible days ...

I dunno what the fuck Im watching but it is entertaining the shit outta me.

Titus craned his neck to see the faces of the adults throughout the room. They were all casting furtive glances about, guilt writ large on every face, ...


Reposting cuz I forgot to include Lee, Seabury, and George. It's fine tho

Fat-free mass is everything that isn't fat – muscle, bone, organs, muscles, water, etc. - Health & Fitness


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The Chainsmokers Don't Let Me Down (Remixes)5