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The contents of a pot of Viking treasure discovered in Dumfries and

The contents of a pot of Viking treasure discovered in Dumfries and


Galloway Viking treasure pot's contents revealed after more than 1,000 years - BBC News


An ornate gold pin in the likeness of a bird found buried with a hoard of

A large silver alloy Carolingian lidded vessel, part of the hoard of Viking treasure unearthed by metal-detecting enthusiast Derek McLennan, 47, ...

A campaign has been launched to ensure a 1,000-year-old Viking hoard,

Conservators reveal Viking treasures discovered in a field in Galloway, Scotland - HeritageDaily - Archaeology News

The largest hoard of Viking treasure ever found in Britain has now been revealed to the world

The Viking pot. The contents of a pot of Viking treasure, discovered in Dumfries and ...

Credit : Historic Scotland

A hoard of over 100 early Christian Viking treasures unearthed in Scotland is being hailed as the largest in modern times

Viking hoard in Carolingian pot revealed. Historic Environment Scotland has released the ...

The Galloway Hoard was discovered buried in a field by a metal detectorist four years ago

the Viking pot in the scanner

Treasure hunter - Viking Hoards in Scotland

Campaigners are calling for one of the most spectacular Viking hoards ever discovered in Scotland to have its home near where it was found in Dumfries and ...

Galloway itself had a strong Viking ...

The Galloway hoard's silver cross and Carolingian pot

Breaking News - £2 million Viking Age hoard is saved for public ownership

An archaeologist prepares the top level for removal of items found at an undisclosed location in

Exterior of Dumfries Carolingian pot compared with what the CT scan shows under the verdigris.

Man finds a Viking treasure – level 3

National Museums make offer of summer show of entire Viking hoard to Dumfries and Galloway

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A gold ring recovered from the hoard © Church of Scotland / Derek McLennan

Viking Age Hoard Acquired by National Museums Scotland

The historically significant find was made by Derek McLennan, a committed metal detector enthusiast in

Mystery Of The 1,200-Year-Old Viking Pot And Its Hidden Treasured Revealed |

Ancient Artifacts: 1000 Year Old Viking Gold Found in Scotland

Viking treasure hoard: A silver alloy Carolingian vessel filled with objects and a gold bird

The objects were found inside a pot unearthed in 2014. Uncovered by a metal detectorist

Treasure hunter uncovers one of the most significant Viking hoards ever found in Scotland

Viking pot scanned in hospital

AN AYR man has uncovered the largest haul of Viking treasures in modern times.

Ancient Artifacts: 1000 Year Old Viking Gold Found in Scotland

Images © 2014-2015 Beyond The Beep Ltd., Used with Permission.

Metal Detecting Finds: What Kind of treasure is out there? - Metal Detector Space


Derek McLennan will be awarded £2 million for the incredible Viking treasure (Image: Derek McLennan/PA/Reuters)

Metal detectorist finds Britain's biggest ever haul of Viking treasure - with hundreds of artefacts including an ancient silver cross

Hoard of gold and Viking treasures found by metal detecting enthusiast

Gold and silver artefacts. treasuregoldhoard-59f990e. The Staffordshire Hoard found ...

Image copyright Santiago Arribas Pena Image caption This large glass bead was also discovered among the Viking treasure. “

a photo of a hand holding a piece of metal with symbols carved into it

Kirkcudbright and the Galloway Hoard

Treasure stashed in a Viking vessel 1,000 years ago have been revealed | Daily Mail Online

My map of Viking-Age hoards (and single finds) from northwest England. Dumfries and Galloway is the territory at the top, hosting the compass.

Borders General Hospital X-ray reveals Viking pot's secrets - Le blog de Jean-David Desforges

Armed with a CT roadmap of the vessel's contents ...

Priceless buried treasures revealed

UK and Scottish governments expected to unveil a growth deal worth around £300 million over

The Largest Finds In Britain

Viking Hoard discovered in England

List of hoards in Great Britain is located in Scotland

The Impressive Gaulcross Hoard: 100 Roman-Era Silver Pieces Unearthed in Scotland | Ancient Origins

“I unearthed the first piece. Initially I didn't understand what I had found because I thought it was a silver spoon and then I turned it over and wiped my ...

There is also a complete metal vessel containing more objects. This has not yet been emptied yet, and the first step will be to examine it by x-ray.

SIGNIFICANT: The silver cross from the find has unusual enamel decorations.

Swords are drawn over Galloway Viking hoard

Rural churches go digital to attract the right minister

Derek McLennan & the Scottish Viking Hoard

Iron Age treasure worth millions found in Jersey

Donations from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Scottish Government, trusts and the wider

Scanning the Viking Hoard

McLennan ...

The joy of metal detecting – it's not just about the treasure

The enormous Cuerdale Hoard of Viking silver was discovered in Lancashire on 15 May in 1840. The hoard, which is the largest Viking silver hoard known from ...

Beads from #VikingHoard @TTUScotland Confirms Vikings were/are small, disguised dragons :-) #EarthSea #headcanon

However, it has been estimated it might need up to 1m in order to do so.

The Cordoba Treasure, or Tesoro de Córdoba in Spanish, is the name of a major Iron Age silver hoard found on the outskirts of the city of Córdoba, ...

Satellites Discover World's Oldest Superhighways In Lost Ancient City Of El Mirador

Viking silver coin hoard discovered in northern England

This influence stretched from Norway to the northern and western Scottish Isles into the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man and parts of Ireland.

The Vikings probably derived most of their gold from Migration-period hoards such as this one, recently discovered in a bog on Jutland, Denmark

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain

Slideshow preview image

Blog: taking a look at the Staffordshire Hoard

Vikings and the Carolingian Empire

il_2001_16_2_028730. 1 The Galloway Hoard

Anglo Saxon Britain

Three silver-gilt Roman piperatoria or pepper pots (CC BY NC SA 4.0)

Mystery sword on display in Dumfries

The Milton Keynes Hoard

Scotland Enterprise Agency. DUMFRIES and ...

The ultimate fate of the hoard ...

As a group, Derek and his friends like to encourage the local community to become involved and to search for their heritage with them.

A Carolingian vessel was part of the hoard, and some of the buried treasure was

Ancient, But Temporary

Galloway Viking Hoard acquired by National Museums of Scotland

TREASURE HUNTER: Derek McLennan made discovery.

What's In A Pot? When archaeologists excavated the trove of Viking silver discovered by metal detector enthusiasts in Dumfries and ...

Scottish jewellery is jewellery created in Scotland or in a style associated with Scotland, which today often takes the form of the Celtic style.

Tomb Of Servant Of King Thutmose III's House- Discovered In Luxor