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Geoubcsic Investigating collapse structures in oceanic islands

Geoubcsic Investigating collapse structures in oceanic islands


#geoubcsic Investigating collapse structures in oceanic islands using magnetotelluric surveys: The case of Fogo

#geoubcsic Crustal structure beneath Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, inferred from seismic P-wave receiver functions and ambient noise autocorrelations.

#geoubcsic Response of alluvial systems to Late Pleistocene climate changes recorded by environmental magnetism in

#geoubcsic Core-scale electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) monitoring of CO2-brine

#geoubcsic Helical crustacean burrows: gyrolithes ichnofabrics fro… | 2019 Scientific papers included in SCI from UB and ICTJA-CSIC geology researchers ...

#geoubcsic Influence of Weak Electric Field on Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Damage Evolution during

#geoubcsic Preliminary assessment for the use of VORIS as a tool for rapid lava flow

#geoubcsic Impact of basin structure and evaporite distribution on salt tectonics in the Algarve Basin

#geoubcsic Enhanced carbon export to the abyssal depths driven by atmosphere dynamics. Pedrosa-

#geoubcsic Lower Aptian ammonite and carbon isotope stratigraphy in the eastern Prebetic Domain (Betic

#geoubcsic Impact of open-ocean convection on particle fluxes and sediment dynamics in the

#geoubcsic Shear-enhanced compaction-solution bands in quartz-rich calcarenites of the Cotiella Massif (Spanish Pyrenees). Tavani, S; Granado, P; Balsamo, ...

#geoubcsic The Devil truly is in the detail. A cautionary note on computational determinism

#geoubcsic Introduction: tectonic evolution and mechanics of basement-involved fold-and-

#geoubcsic Microbial community changes induced by Managed Aquifer Recharge activities: linking hydrogeological and biological

#geoubcsic The tailings dam failure of 5 November 2015 in SE Brazil and its preceding

#geoubcsic The building stone of the Roman city of Dougga (Tunisia): Provenance

#geoubcsic Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations of the Late Pleistocene Lake Bonneville Flood. Abril-

#geoubcsic Potential of airborne LiDAR data analysis to detect subtle landforms of slope failure:

Structure of the Pliocene Camp dels Ninots maar-diatreme (Catalan Volcanic Zone, NE Spain)

#geoubcsic Seismic imaging at the cross-roads: Active, passive, exploration and

#geoubcsic Correlation of Magma Evolution and Geophysical Monitoring during the 2011-2012 El Hierro

#geoubcsic Combination of Geophysical Methods to Support Urban Geological Mapping. Gabas, A;

#geoubcsic Minorca, an exotic Balearic island (western Mediterranean). Sabat, F

#geoubcsic Peat-forming plants in the Maastrichtian coals of the Eastern Pyrenees. Villalba

#geoubcsic Detection of Subtle Hydromechanical Medium Changes Caused By a Small-Magnitude Earthquake Swarm

#geoubcsic A 500 kyr record of global sea-level oscillations in the Gulf of

Volcano, Underwater, Under The Water, Volcanoes

Linked Nickel Metallacrowns from a Blend of Ligands: Structure and Magnetic Properties

#geoubcsic Architectural characterization of a delta-front

#geoubcsic A Ferromagnetic Salicylaldoximate/Azide (Mn2Mn6III)-Mn-II Cluster with

#geoubcsic Mapping the ecological structure in Oceanic Islands – The case-study of S

#geoubcsic Geology and paleontology of Tresjuncos (Cuenca, Spain), a new diatomaceous

The influence of basement structure on the evolution of the Bicorb-Quesa Diapir (eastern Betics, Iberian Peninsula): contractive thin-skinned deformation ...

#geoubcsic Composition and sources of sedimentary organic matter in the deep eastern Mediterranean Sea.

#geoubcsic Source Apportionment of Inorganic and Organic PM in the Ambient Air around a Cement

#geoubcsic A diatom record of CO2 decline since the late Miocene. Mejia, LM

Phytoavailability of antimony and heavy metals in arid regions: The case of the Wadley Sb district (San Luis, Potosí, Mexico)

#geoubcsic Geoelectrical investigations for aquifer characterization and geoenvironmental assessment in northern Morocco. Benabdelouahab,

#geoubcsic Palaeobiology of tanaidaceans (Crustacea: Peracarida) from Cretaceous ambers: extending the

#geoubcsic Shale-related minibasins atop a massive olistostrome in an active accretionary wedge setting

#geoubcsic Geochronology, Geochemistry and Geodynamics of the Cabo de Gata volcanic zone, Southeastern

#geoubcsic Influence of isotopic substitution on the anharmonicity of the interlayer shear mode of h

#geoubcsic Characterization of asphaltic oil occurrences from the southeastern margin of the Basque-Cantabrian

#geoubcsic Hydrochemical and isotopic characterization of groundwater in the Ghis-Nekor plain (northern

#geoubcsic New N-pyrazole, P-phosphine hybrid ligands and their reactivity towards

As the world warms, we see more large wildfires, a likely change in hurricane strength & frequency, new ice islands, and more.

Lake Baikal is the world's oldest, at 30 million years, and deepest, averaging 2442 ft. Located in the south of the Russi… | Favorite Places and Spaces ...

#geoubcsic Active tectonics of the Alhama de Murcia fault, Betic Cordillera, Spain.

#geoubcsic Karst evolution of the Garraf Massif (Barcelona, Spain): doline formation

BBC Science Focus on Instagram: “Uncommonly fair skies over the British Isles captured by @Nasa_eo on June 27, 2018. ⠀ ⠀ #repost @nasa_eo: Islands tend to ...

#geoubcsic Climate variability and human impact in South America during the last 2000 years:

About the Cover — October 01, 2015, 16 (10) | EMBO Reports

#geoubcsic Revisiting the role of high-energy Pacific events in the environmental and cultural

#geoubcsic How moderate sea states can generate loud seismic noise in the deep ocean.

#geoubcsic Reply to the Comment by David W. Morrow on "Self-accelerating

Fault Zone Evolution and Development of a Structural and Hydrological Barrier: The Quartz Breccia in the Kiggavik Area (Nunavut, Canada) and Its Control on ...

#geoubcsic Cu(II) 4-phenoxybenzoate dimers and monomer coordinated by pyridines: Synthesis and crystal structures. Sanchez-Sala, Marta; Pons, Josefina; ...

#geoubcsic Lithospheric structure of Iberia and Morocco using finite-frequency Rayleigh wave tomography from

Lion fish, over reef, Pterois volitans Life Under The Sea, Large Art,

#geoubcsic Stratigraphy and structure of the Cañas Dulces caldera (Costa Rica). Molina

#geoubcsic Holocene Event Record of Aysen Fjord (Chilean Patagonia): An Interplay of

#geoubcsic Abellaite, NaPb2(CO3)(2)(OH), a

The reaction of with acid (S-HL), best known as naproxen, and (phen) in EtOH allows the isolation of dinuclear chiral compounds of the formula [Ln(iii) = Eu ...

"Everyone is aware of themselves. The deepening and broadening of self-awareness is

#geoubcsic Recycling of tailings from the Barruecopardo tungsten deposit for the production of glass.

#geoubcsic DInSAR Coseismic Deformation of the May 2011 M-w 5.1 Lorca Earthquake (southeastern Spain

#geoubcsic Late Quaternary development of the Storfjorden and Kveithola Trough Mouth Fans, northwestern Barents

#geoubcsic Cold plumes trigger contamination of oceanic mantle wedges with continental crust-derived sediments

#geoubcsic Does shallow dike intrusion and widening remain a possible mechanism for graben formation on

Atmospheric Circulation | Ocean Currents Part 1

#geoubcsic Climate controls on rainfall isotopes and their effects on cave drip water and speleothem

#geoubcsic Aftershock Sequence of the 2018 M-w 6.4 Hualien Earthquake in Eastern Taiwan from a

#geoubcsic Reconstructing Carotenoid-Based and Structural Coloration in Fossil Skin. McNamara, ME

#geoubcsic Recurrent constructional pattern of the crustacean burrow Sinusichnus sinuosus from the Paleogene and Neogene

Phytoplankton are microscopic organisms that float around the world's oceans and bodies of water, converting sunlight into energy and acting as a base.

#geoubcsic Cyclopalladated Benzophenone Imines: Synthesis, Antitumor Activity, Cell Accumulation, DNA Interaction

#geoubcsic The oldest known riffle beetle (Coleoptera: Elmidae) from Early Cretaceous Spanish

21 September 18 Exacerbation Of The 2013–2016 Pan‐Caribbean Drought By Anthropogenic Warming

Long-term volcanic hazard assessment on El Hierro (Canary Islands)

#geoubcsic Mass Spectrometric and Synchrotron Radiation based techniques for the identification and distribution of painting

These Compounds Have Both Ionic and Covalent Bonds

#geoubcsic Review of the geodynamic evolution of the SW margin of Gondwana preserved in the Central Andes of Argentina and Chile (28 degrees-38 degrees S ...

Atmospheric circulation: powered by sunlight; about 51% of incoming energy is absorbed by

Nitrosamines in E-Cigarettes: Do You Need to Worry?

Madagascar, the big island off the east coast of Africa with the lemurs and baobabs, is thought to be sitting in the middle of an old tectonic plate, and so

#geoubcsic Ruthenium and magnetite intergrowths from the Loma Peguera chromitite, Dominican Republic, and

#geoubcsic From Mesocates to Helicates: Structural, Magnetic and Chiro-Optical Studies on

How Carbon-14 Dating Works

Groundwater Geophysics: A Tool for Hydrogeology

#geoubcsic Chrysoberyl-sillimanite association from the Roncadeira pegmatite, Borborema Province, Brazil:

Tectonic map of the epicentral region showing pre-earthquake seismicity [Waldhauser, 2009]

Will It Blow? Vast Melting Region Under World's Largest Volcanic System Found

An Approach for Routine Analytical Detection of Beeswax Adulteration Using FTIR-ATR Spectroscopy academic journal

#nabibgeo Two-dimensional modeling and inversion of the controlled-source electromagnetic and magnetotelluric

Deep Blue Sea, Underwater World, Ocean Life, Loggerhead Turtle, Marine Biology,

Australia - An Island Continent: The Great Barrier Reef Best Vacation Spots, Best Vacations

#geoubcsic Integrated Stratigraphy of the Middle-Late Miocene Synorogenic Deposits of the Eastern Southern

#geoubcsic Geomorphic impact and assessment of flexible barriers using multi-temporal LiDAR data:

Surviving The Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Pool Collapse